• Please avoid watching or listening to any T.V. news or news radio, for 48 hours after listening to healing meditation. News is a low frequency and negative vibration, I want to protect your energy system while you are rebalancing and healing.
  • Make Epsom salts your friend, and if possible, take a hot bath with 2 cups after listening. This will clean your energy field and help you balance while bringing magnesium in through the skin.
  • Continue to drink water, the “processing and healing” time will be much easier when the cells are extra hydrated.
  • Please note: When listening to a Healing Meditation Activation for the first time, please stay present and go through the beginning 15 minutes with me all the way through the visualization. Then you are welcome to stay present in meditation, multitask or even fall asleep. This process is what prepares your body for healing, it is a very important step not to be omitted during the first time listening.

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