Fear Into Action Bundle


It’s time to press start on your future by saying ‘no more’ to the fierce lies that fears have allowed you to believe.



Have you pressed "Pause" on your life's purpose?

Are you trapped in the same old repetitive routines, relationships and self-sabotaging results?

FEAR is preventing you being who you are supposed to be; from doing the things you know you are here to do

When you participate in my Fear Into Action program you will…

  • Release your unconscious blocks, both learned behaviors and inherited
  • ​Awaken your confidence to who you really are or want to become
  • ​Rewrite your beliefs around what you are here to do
  • Experience life opening to you in amazing new ways
  • Have newfound courage to shine your light, trust in who you are and trust that you are safe to be seen.
  • Be able to finally let go of inherited fears of judgement, criticism and vulnerability.

My goal is that you become free from all sources of fear which are telling you fierce lies about yourself… and move forward with confidence and joy into the purposes that are fully aligned with your truth.

How It Works:

With three in-depth visualizations and meditation activations, we will identify and clear the fears that are currently holding you back.

You will release all your biggest blocks, whether you’re conscious of them or not.
This program is uniquely tailored to uncover both personal AND inherited energy patterns.
It’s an amazing experience of relaxing and listening as I guide you through a series of steps to acknowledge and release these stuck emotions. You simply listen and respond.
1 - Letting go of Inherited Fear of Vulnerability, Judgement and Criticism
2 - Releasing the Fear of Being Seen, Known and Heard
3 - Increasing Confidence and Embracing Authenticity


What's Included:

  • MP3 downloads of the 3 healing activations for replay
  • PDF downloads of the affirmations
  • Fear Into Action Program Worksheets
  • Detailed instructions to help you accelerate the healing process

All you have to do is listen to each activation twice, with 48 hours between each listen.
Then, watch the results unfold!